Guide to Breckenridge Ski Resort

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Guide to Breckenridge Ski Resort

This guide will be broken down by where to ski as a beginner skier, intermediate skier and advanced skier.


A haven for fresh-skinned skiers and snowboarders, Peak 9 has a special place in the heart of thousands who learned the craft of carving through its wide open, welcoming terrain. Green Runs (the easiest) cover the entire base of the hill, with Silverthorne Run, Frontier Run, and Lower Lehman providing a gentle slope perfect for slowing down and refining your skills.

If you're just starting out, Peak 9 is also a good place to practice. It has some nice blue runs, including one called Rip's Ride, where you can ride down the mountain on a lift. There are also several shorter trails off of Peak 8, including Trygve's Run, which is a trail named after its founder, Trygve Berge. You can access these trails by riding up to Peak 8 on the Double Chair Lift.

If you're new, you can also buy a Breckenridge ski package which includes ski lodging, ski passes, ski gear and transportation.


Nearly one third of Breck's extensive territory is devoted to intermediate skiers, yet the hotbed for long, sweeping cruiser rides is Peak 7. Serviced by the fast Independent Super Chair, Peak 7 offers blue trails in every downhill run, all groomer-smoothed into a soft velvet just begging to be carved by your edges. Except for the steep, powdery glade called Ore Bucket, the entire Peak 7 trail system is composed of blue trails.


You'll find yourself in for a treat if you ski Breckenridge. More than half of the mountain's terrain is naturally designed just for you, with the vast bulk of it located on the highest peaks of the resort in the shape of sweeping bowls and powder chutes. Peak 10 serves as a perfect starting point. Smooth runs like Centennial and DoubleJack provide warm-up laps before you dive into the wide open spaces of The Burn and then climb high above the treeline.


On any skiing trip, the best part is relaxing after a long day on the slopes by enjoying some sun and a drink. At Breckenridge, there are plenty of spots where you can enjoy both. From the view decks of Peak 7's Sevens restaurant to the front row seats at Peak 8's T bar grill, to the party vibe at the Maggies' Maggie's restaurant and bar, there's always something going on.

Of course there are different things you can drink during an evening hike. The Overlook Restaurant or the Vista Haus are good choices for an end-of-the-day rest after a long day hiking.

After that, you've got a magical night ahead of you. The main street of Breckenridge offers dozens of vibrant bars and eateries offering everything from top-notch fine dining (try Hearthstone or Relish) to cheap beers and wings. Breckenridge's oldest bar, The Golden Pan Saloon, is definitely worth a visit, or go to the Motherloaded Tavern where you'll feel like part of the family. There's also a whole video game room to explore at family favorite Downstairs at Eric's, and. just a couple of blocks above the main street, is The Speakeasie Movie Theater.

Regardless of where you go, you'll always be able to see the mountains from any angle.

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